Breadth vs Depth?

In many ways, that’s the audacious essence of Leveraged Dabbler: achieving breadth AND depth – in steady state. But what does that mean Monday morning?

There is a time for breadth:
– Building new learning. Collecting new enablers. Meeting new people. For novelty.
– But breadth-only serial starters earn a poor reputation. There are only so many Founder roles and fellowships you can hold before people wonder what you’ve actually accomplished! At least one BITS student, Nishith, saw through the B/S, as you see in his description: I am not a Founder/Director/CEO/CTO/CFO, neither have I worked with an NGO empowering women or feeding hungry children. I can eat, breathe, code and fart. I can do the last two particularly well.

There is a time for depth:
– Leveraging your learning. Leveraging your enablers. Leveraging your people. For scale.
– But depth-only focused actors are sometimes not noticed. There are only so many people who understand what you are excited about!

You need both breadth and depth. Don’t waste time figuring out which one at any moment. Pick and go!

P.S. I’m on depth right now 🙂